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Elka Stage 1 Sports ATV Shocks

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Code: Elka Stage 1 Sports ATV Shocks

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The Stage 1 and Stage 1+R shocks feature the same quality components and careful craftsmanship as our higher-end series. They are custom-built for the rider’s weight, riding style and preferred terrain, with custom spring set-up and valving. While they are not optimized for competitive use, they can greatly improve your ATV’s performance and handling. You get the same performance and benefits of our racing shocks, only with less adjustability.

For recreational riders on a more modest budget, the Stage 1/1+R shocks greatly enhances the overall handling and performance of your quad. These value-packed, easy-to-use shock absorbers are some of the best replacement shocks you can buy for your ATV. They will provide maximum comfort and performance in a carefree package. They might not have all the adjustments of higher-end shock absorbers, but they are perfectly suited to your personal needs, so you spend less time tuning and more time having fun riding.


  • Spring Preload
  • Rebound Damping (Stage 1+R only)

Why buy this model

  • All the same comfort and performance improvements as our higher-end models, but without less adjustments
  • Ideal for recreational applications, dunes and casual trail riding
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Tuning specifically optimized for your ATV model
  • Spring setup and rate according to your personal weight
  • Individually tested on a dynamometer prior to delivery
  • Preload and rebound adjustments (Stage 1-R only)


  • Reduced body roll and increased stability
  • Increased protection against bottoming-out
  • Maximum traction in any riding conditions
  • Plush and progressive action for increased driver comfort and less fatigue
  • Consistent damping and predictable handling
  • Smoother weight transfer upon acceleration and braking
  • Gives a second life to used vehicles and adds value to any new one