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Elka Stage 4 UTV SXS Shocks

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Code: Elka Stage 4 UTV SXS Shocks

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The Stage 4 shocks are the obvious choice for drivers seriously committed to the cutting edge who refuse to make any compromises. These drivers and racers demand the highest performance and the most adjustability to suit their aggressive and fast style of riding.

These shocks feature independent adjustability of the high- and low-speed compression which allows you to adjust your suspension to react differently to big hits, sharp edges and jumps as well as for cornering and accelerating. Racing conditions can vary dramatically from one track to another, and sometimes even within the same track. With the Stage 4, you can make your suspension react with optimal efficiency over an entire track without compromise.


  • Spring Preload
  • Rebound Damping
  • Low-Speed Compression Damping
  • High-Speed Compression Damping

Why buy this model

  • Best performing shocks for any Side-X-Side vehicle
  • Much needed upgrade for racing applications, aggressive riding and for 4-seaters or highly modified vehicles (w/ additional payload)
  • Adjustments that provides complete control of all damping aspects
  • Maximum performance and comfort for any type of riding over any terrain conditions