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Elka Stage 5 UTV SXS Shocks

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Code: Elka Stage 5 UTV SXS Shocks

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The 46mm Stage 5 shocks are our newest SXS racing platform. They virtually eliminate bottoming-out,  fading, vibrations and the feeling of initial harshness often associated with bigger body shocks. The Stage 5 shock is recommended for all applications seeking the maximum increase in performance, adjustability, consistency and durability


  • Spring Preload
  • Rebound Damping
  • High Flow Low-Speed Compression Damping
  • High Flow High-Speed Compression Damping

Why buy this model

  • Race-ready performance and maximum comfort
  • Wide range of highly effective adjustments
  • Ultra-lightweight design, all components are optimized for weight savings


  • High-flow hydraulic circuits and regulations
  • Internal top-out spring to smoothly limit extension travel
  • Equivalent flow capacity upon compression and rebound stroke (1:1 ratio)
  • 46mm inside diameter aluminum body with low-friction internal components
  • Piggyback external reservoir to help prevent fading


  • Reduced body roll and increased stability
  • Increased protection against bottoming-out
  • Maximum traction in any riding conditions
  • Plush and progressive action for increased driver comfort and less fatigue
  • Consistent damping and predictable handling
  • Smoother weight transfer upon acceleration and braking