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• Virtually unlimited easy tune fuel settings
• Will not default computers, trip engine lights or upset stock fuel maps
• No external programming devices needed
• Will not interfere with stock sensors and inputs
• Easy direct plug installation

The goal is to optimize the fuel delivery for your Motoworks SR4 Exhaust. The Motoworks FMI proprietary technology uses Motoworks CTL, Carburetor Tuning Logic to optimize the air/fuel ratio across the RPM range, maximizing throttle response and dramatically increasing both horsepower and torque. The Motoworks advanced engineering provides precision fuel settings for virtually unlimited tuning adjustability. Motoworks ‘Plug-In’ technology plugs directly into the OEM wiring, installs in minutes, does not interfere with the stock ECU map and does not require a computer or complicated computer programs to adjust. Tune your engine like the Works Teams. Motoworks exclusive pre-programmed base mapping is designed to make your quad come alive from stock to fully modified, while the simple adjustments allow you to move the fuel curve from richer to leaner as needed. Install the Motoworks FMI today to get the highest performance possible out of your vehicle.