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Tamarack Classic Lounger Black L-1500

Tamarack Classic Lounger Black L-1500
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Code: L-1500

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Classic Lounger

Now you can store all your important items and have a comfortable, ergonomically contoured SEAT CUSHION all in one! The Tamarack™ Lounger® features over 3 cubic feet of storage space and is great for relaxing on your stationary quad, or to remove to use as a seat in the field. Simply disconnect the (optional, sold separately) Tamarack™ quick-release straps, and place in your desired location. You not only enjoy a comfortable seat in the great outdoors, you have your stored items right WITH you!

The Tamarack™ Lounger® is a perfect storage box for any ATV rider who wants comfort to be a part of his or her outing!

•UNIVERSALLY FITS all standard tubular ATV racks
•Ultra-durable high-density polyethylene will not crack, warp, or dent under extreme temperatures.
•Comes complete with parts for hard-mounting
•PAD LOCKABLE, watertight & dust resistant to protect your gear
•Includes handle kit (assembly required)
•Comfortable, maintenance-free, vinyl seat for operator at rest.
•Storage space wraps all the way around seat!
•Available in Black only

(A) Length: 34 ½”
(B) Arm Height: 11 ½”
(C) Backrest Height: 15 ½”
(D) Width: 16” (bottom surface)
(E) Width: 22 ½” (top surface)
(F) Seat Dimensions: 20”W x 16”D
Depth behind Seat: 6”