Fury Crawler 8 ply Tyres

Fury Crawler 8 Ply HD

Our Best seller ever!
Designed for Harsh Aussie conditions.
Fury Crawler 8 ply HD ATV tyres have a Heavy Duty 8 ply carcass and supper strong shoulder and side wall. All ATV tyres have a cushioning point in side wall most that are still between the tread on the side wall allowing sticks to catch the tread and get forced into the week cushioning point.   But the Fury Crawler HD 8 ply has been designed to have this cushioning point further down the side wall after the tread finishes giving this tyre an extremely strong shoulder and allowing sticks to be brushed off and not driven into the cushioning point.
Along with a great all terrain tread design this really is the best tyre for harsh Aussie conditions.
The crawler is available in sizes to fit almost every ATV and UTV on the market.